GKrellM SNMP Plugin

Your great monitor stack GKrellM is now able to read SNMP agents.

There is one great system monitor tool out there. It's GKrellM, a single process with many readers stacked onto your display.

Say you don't want to be limited to monitor only your box but e.g. your router. You can access it's snmp agents values with the gkrellm_snmp plugin.

GKrellM SNMP is a plugin for GKrellM. It features a very configurable set of additional monitors which allow the users to display SNMP values inside GKrellM. I.e. one can monitor remote boxes and SNMP enabled devices like most routers and some switching equipment. Most interesting SNMP variables are cpu and network load, temperature, disk space and alike.

The current stable version is 1.1 (which is a licence update to 1.0).

There are still some old (GTK 1, GKrellM 1, UCD-SNMP) versions around.

Please note that the branch on sourceforge isn't up to date. The project is maintained here, again.


The first screenshot (left) shows gkrellm version 0.9 while the second (right) shows version 0.10. Beneath gkrellm_snmp are the fan and volume plugin visible.

The third shot is GKrellM 1.0.4 with my Justiny theme. It's enhanced for tiny (read 1024x768) LCDs. You can see that the monitor "Scy7" is shaded indicating an error. The corresponding tooltip show that the node is down. The last shoot is just some part of GKrellM showing the new gkrellm_snmp features.

The GKrellM SNMP Project ist listed on Freshmeat.

It's also listed on Linux.Org.


What about windows version/

It's compatible. But you'd need to compile NetSNMP too. Are people really using GKrellM on Windows and need SNMP there?

My mother told me once that there are no stupid questions, only stupid people. Of course people use Gkrellm on Windows.

…I take it you're not calling me stupid for asking, but the people using it on Windows :)

I use this to keep an eye on a range of servers and network devices throughout my workplace. Love it !


I might be doing wrong but if I have one OID defined and try to add another the new one replaces the first?

The only way to add an OID (I've found) is to use "Enter" but this replaces the previous definition.

Is this a bug or what am I doing wrong?

Another question: is there a way to get a separator in gkrellm? It's hard to se where the other graphs ends,

The entry dialog is a little bit tricky. Be sure not to select an existing entry when adding a new one, otherwise the selected entry will be changed (i.e. overwritten).

Visual guides, like recessed or bordered graphs are theme settings. Maybe try a few other themes?

How difficult would it be to enable SNMPv3 queries? I have a NAS (Iomega ix4-200d) I'd like to monitor that supports SNMP but only responds to v3 queries.

SNMPv3 is quite different from previous versions. It's possible though. I'm not using this anymore, I won't work on new features.
Maybe you can find someone to code this for you. I'd estimate it around 3-5 hours.

I installed this using macport previously (2.3.2) w/snmp 1.0, everything worked except I could not get the snmp graph to display any data. I then installed 2.3.5 from source, downloaded the snmp 1.1 plugin and now the plugin doesn't show up in the configuration dialogs.

Any suggestions?

Is there an SVN of active developed source for this nifty util?

I never tried to run this on OS X. Is this useful? Wouldn't you rather use some dashboard widgets? Maybe I could port this to a SNMP Widget.
How many systems and OIDs are you watching? I.e. just your router or a network?


I just packaged your code for ArchLinux. It's in AUR [0].

Thanks for this plugin! (;

[0] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=51465

I also ended up writing a Gentoo Ebuild for the plugin as well (:

[0] https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=379121

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