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Download for Leopard and higher

32/64bit binary
for Leopard and newer

Download Version 1.2
77KB, Mac OS X 10.5+

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Universal binary
for Tiger

Download Version 1.0
51KB, Mac OS X 10.4+



awesome tool, the only thing missing is a reset button ;)

Thank you so much!

Thank you!! :)


Thank you for your wonderful app. I'm a Windows user and Android programmer. Recently I had to switch to a Mac to begin iOS development and for the task I used a Mac mini with my Logitech win keyboard and mouse. The acceleration in Mac OSX was making mouse movement really unnatural for me, but with the help of Mouse Curves it feels a lot more like in Windows now :-) Thank you guys!

Really useful, especially if you can't get the proper drivers for your mouse on mac.
To reset, pull both sliders to 1x

Really helpful tool and simple to use.

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