Mouse Acceleration Preference Pane for Mac OS X

Update: The acceleration-not-set-on-login bug is fixed. Please get v1.1d

Extented mouse settings

The Mouse Acceleration PrefPane is a GUI and startup item to Richard Bentley's MouseFix.
You can set up extended speed parameters and acceleration curves for your mouse.

  • Increase mouse pointer precision
  • Speed up your mouse movement
  • Set mouse acceleration parameters
  • Full control with just two simple knobs

Apple dropped the mouse acceleration API (scaling) with 10.6 Snow Leopard. There is now a version supporting 10.5 and 10.6 with 32/64bit.
This newer version 1.1 is without explicit acceleration settings. If you still run 10.5 Leopard you can use the 1.0 version with curves. With the 10.6 Snow Leopard version try a inverted setting at about -1.0x.


This is Free Software for Mac OS X

Mouse Acceleration Preference Pane is free.
You can use and redistribute it freely.



beautiful :)

Fantastic! I've been pulling my hair out trying to get my mouse to behave like in Steam for Windows. Now I have the solution! Many thanks!

Has anybody found ideal settings yet? Mine still leave me missing the naturalness of windows.

hi, does anyone know some similar workaround for linux?
linux too has stupid mouse acceleration, compared to the natural windows.

I cannot BELIEVE apple just removed the goddam acceleration API. It's like they purposely look for the things people complain about purposely refuse to fix them just to give us all the middle finger for complaining. I just hate that company sometimes.

Hi Christian, This is a lovely preference utility for my macbookpro. Thanks for the development and sharing it for free :)

Thank you for fixing the bug. It is very helpful for me.


my magic mouse is finally usable thanks to you!!!

Thanks so much!! This is simple and works great. Very much appreciated!! :-) blog © 1999-2016 Christian Zuckschwerdt — powered by seven of drupal — run on lamp