Mouse Curve App for Mac OS X

For some time I've been offering a Preference Pane build around the OS X MouseFix by Richard Bentley.
The API changed a bit with the release of 10.5 Leopard and then 10.6 Snow Leopard. It got worse each time.
It's limited to just a simple speed setting now. With a trick you can disable the acceleration, but that's it.

Simply disabling the acceleration was ever only good enough, never quite right.
It has always been noted that "slow mouse movement is too fast on screen and fast mouse movement translates to cursor movement that is too slow".
There was always the desire to set up custom acceleration curves maybe like the ones from MS Windows.

Fast forward countless mails and comments with request and suggestions about this.
Also a quite successful petition to Apple (run by Ethan Larson).

The looming idea of hacking the driver at the core and patching in custom curves became a reality.
After some idea exchange, researching and general head scratching I sat down for a weekend with 20+ hours of coding.

Below is a video sneak peak at the results. This is what's working now:

  • Reading the original curves from the system and the driver.
  • Supplying custom curves from hand-crafted tables (perl-fu, hooya)
  • Setting arbitrary curves or curve bundles
  • System-wide or for each device individually
  • A UI for all this along with
  • A prototype graphical editor for curves


When can we expect this? This is exactly what I've been looking for!

Indeed, this would be a nice (and missed) extension to Mac OS. Looking forward to try it out ...


Keep up the amazing work.

Also, any chance this will be open source?


I would gladly become you're tester :]

I'm a SE and might be of help :]


This looks fantastic!

I'd love to Alpha/Beta test this if possible.

I never suffered from RSI for a minute until my work computer became a Mac Pro. I've tried several different mice and various programs to alter the acceleration/sensitivity, but depsite long hours of fine-tuning, it's never been right. It still felt like dragging the cursor through a gravity well at slow speeds followed by reaching escape velocity and flying off across the screen. The worst is trying to travel a long distance and achieving accuracy at the destination, basically impossible it seems.

I look forward to more details.

Dear christian I'm in great need of this software and would like to be a tester. I would like to buy a copy if thats possible.


Looks great!
Thanks for all your hard work, will test this out :D

Looks awesome! Please let me know when it's available!

Thanks Christian!

I have been waiting for an app like this since the day I got my Magic Mouse and discovered ControllerMate didn't support it. If there is any way to get an alpha or beta version, please let me know.

Do you accept donations for your hard work?

Cool! Can't wait to test it :)

Yeah, this is exactly what we're looking for. When will this be released? I hope it's going to be soon.

I would love to get my hands on a BETA. I am just about to shelve my newly purchased Magic Mouse and revert back to my old mouse, just so I can turn off acceleration using competitor software. In short: I'm desperate.

If you we're to send me a BETA, I'd be sure to help out by submitting all and any bugs I encounter.

Feel free to contact me.

- Thomas

I will be first who give you donate, when you will release Mouse Curve!!
When will be release or beta?

Wow, that's great news! There's now finally some real hope for my right wrist against those lame Mac HID drivers.
Thank you so much for spending your energies on the issue, zany.
I volunteer to test it together with the other commenters.

Just wondering, since you're dealing with low level driver code... could there be an option on the software to kill that hideous vertical and horizontal scrolling momentum? As if it wasn't enough messing around with the acceleration curve of the pointer, the scrolling momentum is the second-to-top problematic issue of using a generic mouse on a Mac. Some mice don't play well with this.
That's just an idea for the future, it isn't fundamental. It's just that now there may be access to new driver configuration possibilities.

All the best!

I too will immediately donate once this is complete. Can't wait to try it out.

I have been waiting for this for ages .. I would totally love to have the "Other OS" Acceleration on my macbook :) looking forward to it, and I will definitely donate once it is here!

The video is not working. The browser opens the Pledgie website when clicking on Play.

Thanks Michelangelo, I fixed it. (somehow the lightbox module copied the link everywhere because of an embedded bang)

Last night the batteries in my Magic Mouse died, so I plugged in the Mighty Mouse. The response I get with negative acceleration is ALMOST perfect. I have no idea why the cursor movement would be different between the two mice. I hope this app brings happiness to the Mac Universe.

I have trying for years to find a solution to the annoying mouse acceleration curve in Mac OS X. After using duct tape solutions like USB Overdrive and SteerMouse for 7 years, I still cannot get used to any completely. Your solution for perfect replication of Windows mouse acceleration would be a massive benefit to the Mac community, and I would personally be happy to pay good money for it. Please let me know how I can participate in the beta when/if appropriate! God Bless You sir!

This looks great - and is desperately needed. Any updates since August?

I need it so desperately and would buy / donate immediately, even for a beta! Please keep us informed about the progress...

Greetings from Mannheim,


Oh this would be a godsend.

IF you guys want your magic mouse work smoothly first you need to pull-off (remove) the plastic rails under the mouse! and then find a solution for the acceleration curve.
the reason is material of the rails, it's rough and makes a lot of friction with surface , maybe you already noticed it when Click-Dragging . So use another type of plastic ( i used my "X7 A4Tech" plastic props ) , you may stick them at the battery door back.
If you don't know how to pull the rails off just google or YouTube : "Magic mouse Take apart" blog © 1999-2016 Christian Zuckschwerdt — powered by seven of drupal — run on lamp