MP3 Validator for Mac OS X

MP3 Scan+Repair

Check and repair your MP3 audio files. Some of your audio players might be picky or play choppy sound. Scan and fix all your MP3 files for best performance! And it's free, too!

Updated release of "MP3 Scan+Repair" is now available. See download page.

MP3 Scan+Repair works on Intel and PowerPC running OS X 10.5 Leopard or 10.4 Tiger.


Where is the MP3 Validator? It's now March 21, 2009 ... long after the notice on the developer web site announcing it would be available in a week or so ... that was dated JANUARY 14, 2009!

Sorry about that. I need to put some finishing touches on the app still. The official release name will be MP3 Scan+Repair -- there is a beta release available now.

Will there be any support for Tiger users?

Im having to use mp3val with the front end through Wine.
Works well but it would be better with a little app like this.

Looks really promising though, keep up the good work!!

Yes, I'll get right on it. I'm just finishing the code for PowerPC. Tiger support will be the next step.

To support Tiger (10.4) there are essentially two big changes: The toolbar isn't supported (using nib files) and concurrent operations (threading) is not supported with NSOperation.

I've compiled a preliminary testing version with both issues fixed. Maybe a few Tiger users can let me know if I should pursue this further.

Jeez, that was quick.

I am going to give it a go today. Thanks a lot for this program, it is going to be a real life saver.

Please keep this one going!!!!!!

I'll be announcing updates on Twitter @chzu -- let me know if you need support. There is still much to fix/add until a stable release.

My hard drive ran out of space while fixing (27000 tracks, a few thousand with XEND warnings, no errors). The program crashed, and many original (not yet fixed) files remained in the Trash. I'm doing a restore now from Time Machine to get them back. It should recover more gracefully and/or write/fix one file at a time, only moving files to trash after successful fix?
thanks for the effort, and keep up the good work,

Oops. Nothing lost, but surely a mess. I'm genuinely sorry. I though it was safe enough not deleting but only trashing files.

I guess the program should stop all operations on the first (disk) error and perhaps restore the last file (maybe as option). I'll add that right now.
Also the program should check for available disk space before each attempted fix.

Glenn, thanks for the feedback! And thank you very much for not yelling...

A unified release for Tiger and Leopard is now available as Beta 2.

- Tiger-compatible toolbar support
- Custom background scanning to support Tiger

There are still some bug reports to be process -- stay tuned!

Thanks a lot! It works perfectly! :)

This works great; I'm glad I didn't have to transfer my music to windows to fix it there, like other threads said. Keep up the good work.

This is really great. Thank you.

I am happy to report that I used MP3 Scan+Repair to examine my iTunes 8.1.1 library of about 3,000 songs, and that, running under Leopard, Mac OS 10.5.7, the utility functioned flawlessly. The design is very clean, very easy to use, and very fast.

I was astonished to discover that about 90% of my mp3 files had some kind of metadata irregularity in them which begged to be repaired. About 1% actually had no ID3 tag assigned to them at all, a situation which I later rectified in iTunes, after MP3 Scan+Repair pointed them out to me.

About the only interface design improvement I would suggest to the developer would be addition of an audible signal to signify when the repair of damaged files is completed. The utility is already capable of reporting a sound, as demonstrated by the fact that it rings a bell sound the moment it completes the scan of all the files you drag into its window.

The inclusion of an audible signal to tell me when MP3 Scan+Repair completes its repair work would be a worthy improvement to this fine utility. In the meantime, I recommend that all iTunes users run their mp3 files through this digital washing machine: you might be as surprised as I was to learn that your music files weren't as cleanly meta-tagged as you had believed.

For more details on my report, visit my post at the Apple Discussions forum:



I already noticed the Apple Discussions thread -- many thanks for your kind words and the exposure. I really need to get the app out of beta fast now.

Expect a release in a few days -- sound notifications included ;)

I have d/l your application and dropped some mp3 tracks that were unable to be added to iTunes (although I could play them in Quicktime).
It's a folder of 15 tracks and only one was able to be added so I started to figure out why and got to you.

When I dropped the files it told me that files were fixed but I'm still unable to add them the iTunes.

So I dropped them again and it gave me the same errors and fixing report and i'm still unable to add them.

thank you


dropping tracks on the window will start a scan and then report warnings and errors. You need to run the repair from the menu or toolbar. If there are specific errors which couldn't be fixed please send me the error description.

Will only load small chunks of my library at a time (about 250 songs). If I try to load more than that it crashes. Works great with the small chunks though. Can't wait till it's all worked out! An audible notification would be great too after fixing. Thanks!


do you run Tiger on PowerPC or Intel? "about 250" sounds like a (yet another) bug in the endianess (byte ordering)...

I am running Tiger on PPC (Powerbook G4). Hope this helps, any other info you might need, just let me know.

Loaded version for Mac. Added folder with many playable MP3's that are not seen by iTunes. Select Repair option and get the pop-up that describes the replacement procedure. Three buttons are "Dismiss", "Cancel" and "Feedback/Donate".

No action takes place. No progress is indicated. No repairs appear to have been made. Nothing in the trash can.

Tried rebooting and attempting again.

Dave, did you select the files you wanted to repair? You need to make a selection in the list, then press repair. Maybe this needs to be more obvious or work differently if no files are selected.

I did have the songs selected. Did nothing that I perceived as different, but it did eventually do it. I have been using the population of the trash bin as a progress indicator.

Amazing! Thank you worked like a charm!

leopard, g4, 5k mp3's, crashed multiple times importing files. never finished. i will try again when have more time and get you error logs. seemed to mostly find "MPEG stream error, resynchronized successfully". worked fine on intel, leopard, under 100 files.

Thanks a lot! It works perfectly!

works like a dream the only slight confusiion is on the ui knowing what is being fixed some sort of progress indicator as mentioned in other posts, hopefully the donation i make will help that along. cheers for the great app

Dominijk, thanks for the suggestion. As soon as the remaining PPC problems are handled the UI improvements are top priority!

Awesome. Works well. You're a real saviour

Now I can add the songs to the library, but they are damaged. To be honest, I had not listened to them before "repairing" them. However, most original files were 7 to 10 MB big, while now most of them are 2-3 MB. Something went wrong and I am not able to revert to my original files, be CAREFUL! I advice to make copies of the songs before attempting to "repair" them.

Diego, the original files are placed in the Trash. So restoring is always an option. If you like you can send me the original and the failed repair, I'll have a look. Thanks!

I am on a PPC G5 10.5. I have a file that grows in size and becomes corrupted when a fix is applied to it. This same file causes the app to crash if it is included within a large group of files within a subfolder. Would you like to have the file? If so, where should I send it?

Other than a couple other files like the one above, I corrected 400+ errors on 1000+ files. Awesome! Thanks!

Please send me your weirdest files. I'm very interested in files that cause problems on repair or maybe even crash the app.

Just put them on a free file hoster, see this article on 5 best free file hosters to pick one. Then send me the link -- by mail if you like: zany @ triq net

I'm a bit confused. I drop an mp3 on the window and get a "ding" and an error message. I see the file moves to the trash but the original also seems to remain in the folder.

Does this mean the one in the original folder is already repaired or does it take a while do to this? I'm not seeing a button which says "repair" except for the hammer icon which doesn't have a "repair" button.

What am I missing?

Jeff, as you add files they are scanned for errors. You then select some files with errors (hold CMD while selecting in the list) and press the repair button. Now each original file is processed, i.e. moved to Trash and replaced with a repaired one.

Great piece of software, worked a treat! :-)

Thanks very much, keep up the good work!!


Thanks! I've been trying everything to fix this file and now it plays like a champ!

Worked Beautifully!
Thanks ... Great Work! Itunes was refusing to play a file that I could play in Realplayer and other players...I was getting quite frustrated till I found a page from Trevin Chow who referred to this app for mac.

Worked awesome, great application.

It worked fine - I dragged the files and dropped them on to the screen and at first thought the noise meant they were fixed, but then figured out that you have to click the little hammer! Then they worked fine!
THANKS so much :)

Thanks a lot, worked great!

Been looking for something like this on OS X for ages!
Will pimp it to everyone I know! Keep it up!

Awesome! Works like a charm, I'll be sure to let my friends know about this when they come across some faulty MP3s.

One of the things I missed most when I made the leap from Windows to Mac was the plethora of apps out there that would do practically anything you can imagine. I'm so thrilled to see such wonderful Mac support.

Worked like a charm, thanks so much. Usually I would have opened them all one at a time in Quicktime and save as, but that takes forever, and some of the files wouldn't even open in Quicktime. Like I said. Sweet! Donation on the way.

Spent half an hour trying to figure out why a handful of tracks I had downloaded would not import into my iTunes library. Found a link to your software on the Apple discussion forums, and it did the trick almost instantly. Thanks!

Only had problem with one file, but I'm happy the program fixed it. Works like a charms, great piece of software. Thank you very much, Christian!
(Validator said it had garbage in the beginning, fixed it in seconds, wow!)

It would be great if I could drag listings straight from iTunes into the main window. Currently it rejects the drag, meaning I have to rummage around through the disk to find the MP3s that I know are faulty and are already in a playlist…

(I know I could drag the MP3s from iTunes to a Finder window, delete them from iTunes, scan and repair them and then re-import them, but that's also a major hassle, plus I lose the metadata.)

As for the first crasher, dragging my whole library onto the main window locked everything so hard I had to switch the power off in order to recover — I couldn't event ssh in from another machine. In general, it seems a bit too keen to use all my machine's resources while scanning — it takes over 5 seconds to open the Trash while this is going on. Could it be toned down a bit? I don't think taking a bit longer to scan is going to annoy people nearly as much as being unable to use their machine! (Grand Central Dispatch would be a huge win here, but that would need a Snow Leopard-only version :)

The second, less serious crash, is from right-clicking on the toolbar and choosing Customise — you get the beachball for a few seconds and then the program dies.

Thanks, though — this is still a really useful program, even with these niggles…

Thanks for the detailed infos. I already wrote some iTunes support in the last weeks it'll go into a release soon. I'll add support for iTunes drag and drop too.
Sadly Grand Central Dispatch wouldn't do much here, the app is mostly I/O-bound. And it seems too effecient there. I'll start by adding some 100ms pacing between tracks.
Nice catch with the toolbar customize bug, didn't even test that :(

Ah, just noticed something rather nasty — my ID3v2.4 tags have been nuked from the repaired tracks, leaving the ID3V1 tags with the horrible 31-character track names. That's definitely wrong — I've lost all the info that wasn't supported by ID3V1. (Seriously, does anybody still use those? :)

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