MP3 Validator for Mac OS X

MP3 Scan+Repair

Check and repair your MP3 audio files. Some of your audio players might be picky or play choppy sound. Scan and fix all your MP3 files for best performance! And it's free, too!

Updated release of "MP3 Scan+Repair" is now available. See download page.

MP3 Scan+Repair works on Intel and PowerPC running OS X 10.5 Leopard or 10.4 Tiger.


Toby, when you press the "hammer" icon the program move the original file to the Trash for safety and then creates a new, repaired file in it's place. If both files are now identical I'd say the errors were not recoverable. Can you check again if both files are indeed the same and if so perhaps send me an example file where this happens?

Thanks - works amazing !!

I downloaded the app to my computer and it didn't work at all.....I was just wondering how you would fix that. I have a brand new macbook pro just bought a few weeks ago

Zaidi, you clicked the app to start it and nothing happend? You can try to look at the system log in, perhaps an error is reported there?

Worked great right away!
I am running 10.6.4.

I had problems with a number of mp3's so much so that where possible I have been replacing them with m4a's. Some unfortunately could not be converted or replaced. I just tried you app on one such file and it repaired it. I then tried to convert it in iTunes to an AAC but iTunes spat the dummy and wouldn't do it. So, I used Max to convert it to AAC and re-imported it to iTunes and it now plays perfectly . . .

Finally i can repair all my damaged mp3 files.


Thank you for this APP. I Love it, i will recommend on my page ;)

It really works,now the tracks can be add in itunes..but one question do we have any loss??
I would be grateful to answer me to my email!!

Hi Dennis. Here is how repair works:

If missing information like flags or indexes is detected those are added to the file. Every other case would deal with damaged sections of the file. Most likely a chopped of end or some garbage in the midst of the file. Those damaged areas are then cut out as tight as possible and header information is updated. This will mean that you lose small parts of the file. On the other hand those would not have played sensible music anyway.
Sound quality will never be degraded, there is no reason for that. Tags will only get dropped if the formatting doesn't allow for recovery.

Be careful. Always make a backup and check the files after repairing them.

Very happy with the results! Thank you!

This worked brilliantly, I'm on Mac OS X 10.6.4
Thanks very much!

This is great!!! Thanks

when moving from pc to mac i "lost" quite a few albums that itunes refused. this fixed all those files, and lightning fast!
thanks a lot!

Great Software - Just drop the MP3 files into the program window, it will automatically re sync the MP3 files, after which select all the files in this program and press the Hammer -Tool Button and bingo all the files are repaired

Great Work

this handy application is TOTALLY clutch! the days of re-encoding are OVER! can somebody say "CONVENIENT LIFESAVER"?!

amazing app! it solved all my problems with mp3s that i couldent import into itunes,thanks!

Hmm. Well I was having problems with an 11 track album and a single other mp3. Having dragged into the Scan + Repair app the first three tracks have apparently been: "FIXED:File was rebuilt!" whilst with the remaining nine tracks (all from the album), I am informed: "Error writing to temporary file!"

Whats does this all mean?! And where do I locate the three tracks that have been fixed?

many thanks

The files are repaired in-place. I.e. A temporary file is created alongside the original broken file, the original is then moved to Trash and the temporary file replaces the original.
This will fail if there is not enough space for the temporary copy or insufficient access.

So I just return to the mp3 file that's sat on the desktop? Unfortunately, despite there being plenty of space on my iTunes having cleared out a lot of files a few days ago, the rebuilt files continue to not be recognized there. Strange thing is iTunes briefly 'determines audio level' etc and it looks like they're uploading but then just nothing.

The repaired file will replace the original. It should be in the same place. Maybe you encountered a badly broken file that can't be repaired. You can always upload it somewhere and send me a link. I'll analyze it and perhaps improve the repair program.

FYI all the files now appear to be working fine! Not quite sure what was going on but I updated iTunes and everything is there now so it must just have been some kind of glitch. Thanks for all your help Christian and I shall recommend your page in the future.

Thanks a lot.


Really great application, and thanks a ton for keeping it free.
Just wanted to let you know that thought most id3 tags are converted correctly the lyrics are lost when fixing a file. Should be a relatively simple fix though.

Thanks again.

Am an Audio book fan and have had for a while a segment of a book that was corrupted (right in the middle of one of my favorite books). Due to this I would have to stop listening on my iPod (due to the story suddenly going wonky), pull out my comp and open VLC player, and fiddle with it for about 10 min to get it to play that segment, then go back to my iPod. and if I was working away from my comp I was screwed!!! This program fixed it awesomely in seconds with no effort (other than doing a web search and junking all the other garbage that was thrown at me)!!! Defiantly a highly rated product and soon to be a very expensive product if quality is any judge of value!

Brilliant. Resolved the problem almost immediately.

Could not play or add to iTunes library before using this tool! Excellent!

so i downloaded the program but it won't even let me export my songs from itunes into the program to be fixed. it doesn't read them or something. any suggestions?

Liz, are those songs in MP3 format (iTunes default is Apple's AAC)? Did you drag the files form an iTunes playlist or from the Finder?

Honestly, this was a very quick and very effective solution to my problem. Thank you very much, very well done.

I highly recommend this.

Hello, nice idea, but sadly didn't work for me. got a 16 minute song that always locks up after 7 mins, the rest of the song data is there as you can FF past the glitch. clicking repair simply cropped the song to 7 minutes.

Al, I'm always happy to extend the repair mechanism. Send me some broken song if you like (use some free file hoster) and I'll take a look!

So far, I have tried to repair 5 songs and only 1 has been fixed. I get the message: Error renaming temporary file! I'll keep trying to see if I can get a better percentage.

That is very strange. Are you doing this on your main volume or maybe some network share?

Thanks for the great program! works like a charm

Works great, resolved my problem. Thanks

freaking amazing man, thanks so much!!

A few of my files reported "This is a RIFF file, not MPEG stream." I tried to repair them, but nothing happened. The help file says that this problem can be repaired. Is this a bug?

RIFF files are not supported in the current version (no scanning and no repairing). There is a completly new scan engine in the upcoming version which will support RIFF. Expect a release in maybe a month.

Worked wonders on my music library. Almost everything had some sort of problem.

Great work,

This is great! Thank you very much indeed.
I like the style of your website muchly too :)

We create mp3's with an MP3 recorder. There isn't much we can configure on this thing so it creates defective files quite frequently, especially if the card is ejected improperly. MP3 scan + Repair does a great job closing these files. The only problem is that the recorder creates ".MP3" files, and apparently your program is case sensitive. It will not recognize my files until I rename them ".mp3"!

I love your app. It fixed some files I was unable to play. Thanks.

I'd been having some trouble with a few songs and I was starting to wonder if it was the song itself or if my ipod was on its way out. Thankfully, I did some comparisons using this and only the "troublesome" songs came up with a message saying it might not work right.

this was awesome, thanks!

cheers man! this worked out great for me. thanks!!!


I just tried it on some files that were giving me this exact problem. This puppy is the bomb!!!! When I'm finally employed again(hopefully soon!!) I'm definitely going top make a donation. Keep up the great work and please keep me informed of new versions!!


DJ Mr. A

You are one of the best things ever to happen to SERATO deejays. Keep it up. You can catch me on (JAMAICA), (Radio Turks & Caicos) Mon - Thurs 4:30 - 5 pm & Fridays 10pm - midnight and on (Atlanta, GA) Thurs & Sat 1 - 2 pm. You guys have helped to make the quality of the music sound better and preventing my SERATO from crashing. Thank you so much

This program is the shhh.......... It found a lot of bad files that my Serato & Traktor Pro couldn't. I've had no problems with it at all. It works as it should! My macbook pro is even running smoother when I'm searching for files to load & play. The only thing I suggest is that when you drag & drop that you can then group all the bad files together so that you can fix them at once instead of them being scattered. Great Job Guys, Mike Dunn

had a prob loading a few mp3s into iTunes, so after a quick search, I found this app and it worked a treat, couldn't have been easier. Thanks!

Wow, smooth fast clean and free. xo

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