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Universal binary
for Leopard & Tiger

Download Version 1.5
1.0MB, Mac OS X 10.5+

32/64-bit binary, compatible with:

  • OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
  • OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

Available Languages

Version 1.5

  • English
  • German (upcoming)


Hey, pretty sweet! These wouldn't preview in Finder (OS X 10.5.8) but now they do. Regrettably iTunes 10 still won't import them, but we're part way there.

I always happy to analyze badly broken files. Just upload them to some file hoster and send me a link.

Had a problem with adding an mp3 into iTunes. Worked perfectly. Thanks.

MP3's importing like a charm now. Vielen Dank!

Your 'Reviews' and 'How To & FAQ' pages doesn't seem to work?

Yes, sorry. I'm slowly moving all content onto a dedicated site.

Hey, love the program works wonders on my library, Im a digital DJ so I get a ton of tracks coming in and a few manage to come corrupt, it becomes a pain tracking down songs that wont load or even show up on your software so this is really a godsend, Ive posted your app on several online forums to help promote but my main reason for coming here is because I found a few files that arent loading, if you like I could send them your way.


Dylan, thanks! I'm always interested in badly broken songs. Just upload the files to some free hoster and send me the link (by mail or as comment -- I'll keep it private).

I've been looking for a working repair tool. It seems like you're getting some good feedback, but MP3sar is not recognizing the .m4a file format I use within itunes. Any plans to include this format?

Everytime I launched iTunes or imported new songs iTunes worked about 10 hours determining informations for gapless reproduction. In that time it was frozen.
After Scan + Repair it works perfectly!
Thanx a lot

I had some problems importing some files into iTunes, and this fixed them perfectly! I'm so glad I stumbled upon this. Thank you! :)

I tried it and it worked, it is very easy to use and fast in repairing, thank you! :)
God bless you.

Worked a treat! Thank you so much.

Hello! I ran your program last night- it identified a bunch of problem files which is a huge help. How do I repair them? I've followed what seems to be the logical method of highlighting, clicking repair and waiting.... and I've also searched on your website for instructions to no avail.

Thanks very much for the advice!

just what you intuitively did, highlight (any number of files) then click the repair icon (a stylized hammer).
Maybe the errors are persistent, like missing VBR tags. There is a big update coming with a much improved new scan and repair system.

Thanks for this application.

Sweet! That worked well: just used it to fix a couple of files that wouldn't add to iTunes and another that was already in iTunes but had been skipping over without actually playing the track. Thanks!

(iTunes 10.5.2, OSX Snow Leopard)

wow, thanks! I had given up all hope of having itunes play my mp3s, but after running them through your program, they work perfectly!

u r the man!!! Whole library FIXED!!!

Brilliant audio solution, thanks a ton!

Works great for me; resynced automagically. Thanks for all your work.

This is a great program

Thank You!!!

AMAZING. WORKS PERFECT! Thank you so much :) xoxox

Awesome app! My only request would be an option to retain the old file—perhaps renaming it “filename (old).mp3”, or something?—before repairing. (Even better would be zipping the old file, but that’s probably too much to ask.)

Regardless, it does what it promises, and does it well. Thank you!

Extracted audio from youtube music videos using Switch (converted to mp3). burned files to cd-r using Toast. in car audio (mp3capable) some files play some get skipped and wont ever play. can you help?

Probably bitrate or vbr pickiness. Decode to WAV and re-encode. Put the files into MP3 Scan+repair and send/link me a screenshot of the "Info" column. Make it a little wider so all info is visible.

just bought you a beer, what a great little app. My itunes was about to implode and now running much happier. Not fully fixed this stupid 'gapless playback' thing, but it's still happier -for that I thank you. best eddy @eddyTM on Twitter

Wonderfully simple and efficient app! Great job!

Thanks so much! It worked with a song that would play in quicktime but wouldn't even show on itunes. Now it does and plays as well. Brilliant work :)

fantastic! god bless u!

Hi Christian,
I had extracted audio from video files only to find that about 40 percent of them were damaged or incomplete. Your software provided lightning fast rebuilding of the files. Brilliant work! Thank you.

I have just a couple mp3's that keep trying to have the gapless playback analyzed over and over. Now when I ANY mp3, iTunes tries analyzing everything that is new. Is there any way to determine which files are causing the problem?

I have about 73,000 mp3/mp4 audio tracks.


just drag the top folder onto the Scan+Repair tool. Analyzing a few ten thousands of songs is ok and won't really take that long. You can then filter by warnings and errors.
Just be careful not to repair too many files at once, try a few first and check -- it's a lot of data moving around and you might loose metadata.

it worked like a charm--thank you!

thanks a lot for the work that has been done so far. It is the only available MAC OS application on the internet to fix corrupted MP3 files. It does its work just fine. blog © 1999-2016 Christian Zuckschwerdt — powered by seven of drupal — run on lamp