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Single level menu block for Drupal

#Drupal #PHP

Drupal’s menu system is really flexible and the menu blocks are versatile. Also there are a couple of 3rd party modules to display menus in all kinds of different ways.

Here is a quick PHP snippet to display a single level menu from Drupal…

Hide and Slide Drupal content with jQuery

#Drupal #snippet

The Drupal core and many modules use the jQuery package to create nice interactive effects. But it’s also a handy and easy to use tool for designers and authors!

Here is a quick example to show/hide a div with a nice slide effect, triggered from an adjoining element. If you know your CSS you can do all sort of tricks with this.

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Hi there! I'm Christian Zuckschwerdt a freelance software designer from Germany. On this blog I'd like to share some free and open source software for GNU/Linux and Apple Mac OS X.
There are also some themes and tricks for the Drupal CMS. And then the occasional hardware or gadget hack. It's all free and mostly licensed under the GPL or CC.
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