OpenOBEX build for Windows

This is the old build of OpenOBEX and ObexFTP for win32.
There will be an updated build once OpenOBEX 1.6 and the related ObexFTP release are done.

ObexFS 0.12 released

ObexFS release 0.12 adds an option to select the source device (hci) for bluetooth. You can select the local device by name ("hci1") or bt address.

See announcement on Freshmeat page. Download at Sourceforge. Changes and tree at Github repository.

Bluetooh OBEX file distribution

In the past month quite a number of people contacted me about bulk sending files using OBEX. Bluetooth spamming, bluntly put.

Common goals are mostly:

  • small, cheap, low-power, wifi-enabled
  • bulk sending, largely in parallel

Here are a few tips on that.

ObexFTP project

ObexFTP is a C application and library with many language bindings to access mobile phone content.

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