Dead Pixel Tester

No need to download some shady app just to test your screens pixels. Free, open, portable, fast, universally available! Bring out your dead … pixels.

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It’s got all the good colors! There is RED, GREEN, and BLUE! And for the adventurous mind plenty of CYAN, MAGENTA, and YELLOW is available. Should you like a more conservative approach we got you covered with glamorous white [1] and abysmal black [2].

Brightness adjustment 10% — 100%. Optional color to black pattern of checker, horizontal stripes, and vertical stripes. Pattern can be zoomed to 1:1, Retina, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X.

Simple toggle to run in fullscreen and fading menu on inactivity to proof every last pixel. Every function is available by hotkeys.

[1] may not contain any actual white.

[2] doubles as a practical but rather dull screen saver.

MP3 Scan + Repair

The audio repair tool to check and fix all your MP3 files.

Check and repair your MP3 audio files.

Some of your audio players might be picky or play choppy sound. Scan and fix all your MP3 files for best performance! And it's free, too!

MP3 Scan + Repair

Mouse Acceleration for OS X

Set up extended speed parameters for your mouse.

Extended mouse settings

The Mouse Acceleration PrefPane is a GUI and startup item to Richard Bentley's MouseFix.

You can set up extended speed parameters and acceleration curves for your mouse.

  • Increase mouse pointer precision
  • Speed up your mouse movement
  • Set mouse acceleration parameters
  • Full control with just two simple knobs

Mouse Acceleration for OS X

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