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LimeNET-micro setup with Raspbian


A LimeNET-micro just arrived, and the plan was to test Ubuntu Core for CM3 and the LimeNET snaps. But that won’t boot (I still need to check the older Core 16) and while I figure out if the DTB or the boot setup is wrong I run Raspbian. Here are some notes to set that up with rtl_433.

rtl_433 with MQTT, Graphite, InfluxDB, …


The ISM-band decoder (433.92 MHz, 915 MHz – in America, 868 MHz – actually SRD-band) rtl_433 can output events and data to network easily. Here is a short guide.

SDR Nyquist effect plugin to AM decode IQ signals


A simple Nyquist effect plugin to convert I/Q (in-phase and quadrature) signals to Amplitude/Phase (AM decode radio signals). Analyse and decode On-Off-Keying (OOK) / Amplitude-Shift-Keying (ASK) signals recorded by e.g. RTL-SDR software with Audacity.

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